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The Enematic Cinematic LIVES!!: POCKET NINJAS

May 10, 2016 at 8:00 pm


The Rendezvous





“Now it’s time for the ultimate challenge, the duel of all duels, the contest that will test your skills, coordination and your strength…”

As our weather in Seattle heats up, we here at TEC are sure there is one thing on all of your minds, GLOBAL WARMING. With Al Gore out of the picture, who is going to save us from all the enivitable planetary pollution? Politicians? The Police? Ourselves? NOPE. The only people who can save us now are, you guessed it, POCKET NINJAS! Three young teenagers trained by the White Dragon (that Australian guy from the live action Fist of the North Star movie) gifted with the ninja powers of the elemental elements! Will the Pocket Ninjas be able to defeat the Cobra Khan before they pollute the planet? Will the White Dragon awkwardly become one of their step dads after dating their mom? Did Robert “The Face” Z’Dar regret this cinematic decision? You’ll have to come to the next TEC LIVES!! to find out!!

Hosted by:
(Comedian/TEC Creator/Lover of Tackiness)
(Comedians/Filmmakers/­Major Movie Nerds)
Technical Adviser/DJ:
(Artist/Cartoonist/­Producer Of Things)
Special guest
(Comedian/Non Ninja/Environmental Enthusiast)

$7 cover gets you a raffle ticket good for our special prize packs from Scarecrow Video and Ugly Baby Shower Art!! Additional raffle tickets are just $1 for 5 tickets!!

Doors @ 7:30
Show starts @ 8:00 PM
Be sure to come early and enjoy some totally terrible b-movie trailers from 7:30 ’til showtime!!

The Enematic Cinematic LIVES brings you the awesomely fun experience of watching a shitty movie with friends, strangers and booze, combined with a live taping of The Enematic Cinematic Podcast starring you as a live audience person and featuring some of the funniest comics/performers and general randoms off the street in town! The movies will always be bad, but the times will always be good! COME for the horribly shitty movie w/comedic commentary and STAY for The Enematic Cinematic Podcast taping LIVE!

Here’s what people we know said about TEC: LIVES!!:
“A little gem…you don’t want to miss it!” – GeekWire.com
“Interesting.”- Vern, AintItCoolNews
“Cleansing?”- Lindy West, Huffington Post
“Pull up a seat and pile on!” – City Arts Magazine

Sponsored by Scarecrow Video and Ugly Baby and La Ru

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