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Neon Love: A Queer (r)Evolution

June 21, 2018 at 10:30 pm


The Jewelbox Theater





Neon Love is a high-visibility celebration of queerness beyond the typically-visible spectrum. It’s a DayGlow tribute by, for, and of each and every one of you queer points of light that don’t fall along the axis grid.

Some of Seattle’s most radiant rising stars & scintillating heavenly bodies are forming an electric constellation of ultra-vivid, gender-defying acts for your joy & amazement. Let a dazzling luminary – local rogue entity Mercury Divine – lead you through an ultra-queer, Technicolor tour-de-force of burlesque, drag, music, & more to kick off your Pride weekend. Including a special guest appearance from Hugh Johnson & featuring performances from the auroral Arrhythmio, the brilliant Britt Brutality, & many more!