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The Rendezvous Presents:

Mad Science

June 17th at 9:30 pm


The Jewelbox Theater





Come learn a thing or two … or nothing at all! Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and improv comedy unite for Mad Science. Every show we invite a special guest to share their real cutting-edge research and stories from the academic front-line for our team of improv comedians to warp, twist, and turn on its head. No laboratory could have synthesized an improv show like this. (Bandit Theater IRB approved.) This shows scientists are:

Dr. Brooke Fiala, Ph.D. Alum of UW Institute of Protein Design. Expert in using computer-design nanoparticle for vaccines.
Dr. Melody Campbell, Ph.D. Professor and Scientific Director of Electron Microscopy Core at Fred Hutch. Expert on how cells communicate.


Doors 9:15pm / Show 9:30pm