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The Rendezvous Presents:

Hella Much: The Hella-Ween Episode

October 28, 2015 at 9:30 pm


The Jewelbox Theater





October Yall. I fucking love October. This month will be our first show in the Jewelbox Theater and we plan on doing it right. Shit’s ’boutta get real weird. We’ll be summoning spirits, channeling our inner Drakes, and just straight up getting yucky widdit. Expect to show up on time if not early because these shows do in fact sell out (every month but one so far).

Reminder:  Hella Much is a QTPOC centered comedy show. It is also a hate-free/safer-space show so that means we follow the no homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism etc. guidelines. If for some reason you have a problem with that, I’m still not entirely sure how you keep finding our event pages cause you’re hella not invited. We ask that everyone who attends and who is involved be respectful of the space and intentional environment. I will not hesitate to 86 anyone who can’t keep it together. “Chill or be chilled”.

Featured comedians:
Rachel Walls
Laura Mitchell
Ravella Riffenburg
and The MonStarz of Comedy

Since it’s ‘ween time, we’re going to be hosting a costume contest so you are encouraged to dress up! The winners of the contest will recieve prizes and the honor of being cool as fuck. We’re going to have a dance party afterwards, so if you’re planning on coming to this yucky ass party, don’t be shocked when shit gets lit.  #LituationCritical

Accessibility Info:
The Jewelbox Theater is wheel chair accessible, however the general bathrooms are elevated by a single step and are gendered (sorry). There is, however, a private bathroom side stage that is not ideal, but it is accessible if need be. The Rendezvous is not generally kept as a scent-free space unfortunately but we do urge attendees to avoid using scented products.