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The Rendezvous Presents:

Disarray : Electronic Atmospheres for the Chaotic Good

December 9, 2022 at 5:00 pm


The Rendezvous



Join us for a journey in sonic explorations of talented modular and synth artists of the PNW. Haunting, beautiful, playful, chaotic, brooding, blissful and mesmerizing.
Masks Appreciated.
Dark Sparkler
Dark Sparkler resides in Bothell Washington and has an affinity towards tactile electric music machines. Dark Sparkler employs these machines to conjure focused + melodic music.
Connie Fu aka Enereph conspires with machines to create sonic landscapes that fluidly inhabit the world. Her works include NAUTILUS FREE LOSSY, a puppet/dance theater piece presented at La MaMa Theatre, Clamorseeking, an audiovisual extravaganza, and Nature Machine, an EP of psychedelic ambient rock released on Velvet Lab. Her dual single Spiral is the Way is out October 28th on Velvet Lab and Handsmade.
Poly-rhythmic pulses produce programmed propulsions for polyphonic polygons to prance!
Portland Oregon based electronic artist, Alexandrite, wishes to warp sound waves in such a wonky way that we find ourselves entranced and moving within wobbling worlds of lopsided beats.
While developing as an independent artist, they have contributed their music and audio production abilities to a variety of projects including; a mobile Cartoon Network Game, performances in Sir Cupcake’s Queer Circus and several short films and animations
Accuraci is the solo project of Seattle-based artist Daniel Weaver. Rooted in industrial and ambient sounds, Accuraci’s soundscapes, distorted beats, and stripped down melodies to explore the universal fear of losing control. Accuraci’s songwriting process involves repetitive playing and listening, until the emotional core of each track is unearthed.