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Cold Clock: A Burlesque Noir

August 5, 2016 at 10:30 pm





Doors @ 10PM


Rain slicked streets… smoky clubs… just another night in this dirty town. It’s all sex, money, and now even another killer. You can’t trust anyone and our hard boiled dicks are on the case. Atropa Productions Presents: Cold Clocked-A Burlesque Noir. An original story of murder, deception and greed.
This is a partially scripted theatrical production, with a heavy dose of burlesque of course, that showcases a mystery full of twists and turns.
Our main PI Scandal, with help from our hopeful dick Pervert Hero work together to solve the murder of Rian Ryn. Was it money, was it a mob hit? They’ll find out by journeying through the underground world of dancers, singers and boxers.
Who can they trust? Who did …it? Was it the mythical muse Whisper De Corvo? The champion boxer Frankie Moon? Or what about the femme fatal SpICE?
Let’s find out!
Cast: Scandal From Bohemia, Pervert Hero, Frankie Moon, Nitara Ashling spICE…Rian Ryn, Whisper De Corvo, Miss Elaine Yes, Inara Echo, Ruby T. Gray, Bella Lunacy